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About Beatrice …

Growing up, my favorite story was Disney’s “Cinderella.”  And I didn’t love the story as much for the story as I did for the fact that my brother called me “Cinder-Della” (my first name is Ardella).  One year for Easter, my mother bought me this colorful, frilly dress (she had ordered it from the Sears catalog) that I just loved.  I had to be about 8 years old.  My brother saw me twirling around in that dress and from that day on, the name “Cinder-Della” stuck and was my nickname for me from my only brother.   My sister‘s (4 of them – no, they were not step-sisters!) called me things like “skinny-minny”, “olive-oil”, “bones” and any other name that would represent the fact that I was so skinny.  I hated all of those names.  It was Cinder-Della that I loved.

I think it was because I grew up with all of those sisters, that I was a tomboy growing up and always said, “When I get married, I only want to have boys.  I do not want to have any girls.”  Well, as the saying goes “be careful what you pray for” because later on when I got married, I was blessed with three boys.

And then one day, I realized that I missed that frilly, colorful, “Cinder-Della” dress and all the things that little girls bring.   When I saw my sisters, cousins, nieces and friends with their daughters and the relationships they had together, I felt this deep longing in my heart.  I never thought I would miss having a daughter, but I did.  I missed the bows, ribbons, the colorful things they loved and all things girly.  After having my boys wearing not much more than jeans and t-shirts all of their lives, I wanted the “girly and bling” things back in my life.

So, one Christmas, I decided that I wanted to design my own “girly” tree for my house.  It was a small tree, which I decorated with pink and black ornaments that I made myself using beads, trim, and crystals.  I wanted my tree to look like it had jewelry hanging from it, with all the bling and sparkle and color that us “girls” tend to like.  My beautiful handcrafted ornaments and ultimately, beautifully decorated colorful trees that I made for myself, help me to fulfill some of that void I was missing not having a daughter.  I brought to my home some of the things I missed about having a daughter who liked this sort of thing.  So, it became my tradition.  Every year, I create my own “girly” tree.  This was the beginning of The BeaDazzled Ornament.

So, now I create my beautiful ornaments for the little girls I never had, for the little girl that is still in me, and for all those other little and big girls out there who just love to have something beautiful that reflects “us girls”!

And for my brother, who passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 43, thank you for the inspiration and I will always be your little sister “Cinder-Della.”

I create my ornaments to share them with all of you – the beautiful you.  I do hope you love them as much as I do.

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About Us

The place we call home is on the outskirts of the city of Houston, TX.

I started making ornaments almost four years ago by reusing some beaded trim that I had used for a wedding reception.  Finally, after 27 years in Corporate America, I decided to take my love for making beautiful, handcrafted ornaments to a full-time business.  It was time to share my gift with the world!

All of our ornaments are made with carefully selected beaded trim, which is sewn and placed around our glass ornament balls.  The ornaments are then brought to life with color by filling the glass balls with shimmering organza material.  We then add the highest quality Swarovski® crystals, which are hand placed on each ornament.   We complete the look with an attractive ornament hanger in either silver or gold.


After each ornament is completed, it is then placed in a satin bag and packaged in a customized sturdy gift box, which is perfect for after holiday storage.  We certify your ornament by adding a hand-signed personalized card with a description of your ornament selection.

We take a lot of pride in our ornaments and attempt to bring you the highest quality product we can.  Right now we are a small company, but it only takes a few to bring you some of the most beautiful ornaments you will ever see!

Start a new tradition and “bedazzle” your tree with The BeaDazzled Ornament!

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Bea – always creating “Something Beautiful for the Beautiful You!”

About the Ornaments

All of The BeaDazzled Ornaments are created with love and inspired by jewels, beauty and romance.   I use only genuine Swarovski® crystals of the highest quality.  I then search for the most beautiful beaded trims that I can find.  Each ornament is then made by hand using the utmost of care.  Once I have finished designing an ornament, I then name it and categorize it for one of my collections.

The Signature Collection is inspired my beautiful mother.  Every year my mother chooses her favorite ornament, which I then select as my annual Signature Ornament.  I am named after my mother and I love being able to honor her, as she is getting a little further along in age, by choosing her favorite Ornament for my annual Signature Collection.  The only ornament I chose for my Signature Collection is Bridgett’s Hope, which is named after my best friend’s sister Bridgett who died from breast cancer at the young age of 28.


The Diva Darlings are inspired by the “risqué” ladies out there. Those of us who are not afraid to go after what we want (yeah…it only took me 27 years to decide to leave my Corporate job!). But the Diva Darlings are my inspiration. Creating them inspired me to take risks and go for what I really wanted… to fulfill my purpose in life and to follow my dreams.

Diva Darlings: Daring Daria, Lydia’s Persuasion, Olivia’s Obsession, Rose’s Rendezvous, Scarlett’s Secret, Skye’s Embrace, Steel’s Beauty and Sterling’s Night.

The Radiant Jewels are designed with beautiful and rare jewels in mind.  When I was making these beauties, I thought of treasured jewels like Sapphires, Rubies, Gold and Silver.   The Radiant Jewels will look beautiful on any tree, at any time, in any room of your house.

Radiant Jewels: Amber Jade, Cashmere Gold, Copper Cove, Crystal Bleu, Midnight Sapphire, Ruby Reigns, Shimmering Onyx and Silver Shadow (coming soon).

My love of Romance novels inspired my True Romance collection.  I started reading Romance novels when I was in Jr. High School (or Middle School as it is called today).  I believe there is a little Romance in everyone, so why not create a collection for those of us who are Romantics!

True Romance: Chloe’s Magic, Crimson Affair, Dalilah’s Passion, Dior’s Desire, Intriguing Isabella, Pacific Caress, Raining Romance (coming soon) and Sensuous Sunset.

My Adorable Collection is inspired by my young nieces and all the bright colors that they love!  Oh, the pinks, greens, purples, oranges and everything about them that is color!  I wanted something fun, cute and sassy for this collection!

The Adorable Box.  I designed the Adorable Box using my Adorable Ornaments as my inspiration.  These all-in-one Adorable Boxes are created to save you time and inspire you to treat those little girls (or for you big girls who just want something small and simple), to their own little tree for their special place.  Since all my ornaments are made of glass, what a way to help them begin to understand that some things are precious and should be treated as so.  Bring out the “designer instinct” they have and let them bring their own personalities into their own trees by choosing colors of their liking.  Now is the time to begin their collection of BeaDazzled Ornaments so they can remember and cherish this time in their life forever.

The BeaDazzled Ornament…”Something Beautiful for the Beautiful You!”



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