Christmas before Halloween?!

The age-old question keeps coming up…when should I put up my Christmas tree?  My answer…whenever you want!

I have a neighbor who is so much into the Christmas holiday season that she begins decorating her home right after Halloween!  And why not?!  All of the Christmas decorations are already in the stores, sometimes even as early as June!

There is no fast and hard rule about when to put up your holiday tree and decorations.  It is your house, so put it up whenever you feel like you want to get into the holiday mood!   The holiday season in so many ways puts people in a good mood.  The weather starts turning a little nippy (sometimes downright cold!), so getting into the holiday mood is as easy as the weather changing!

Now of course, there is always the question of whether you have an artificial tree or a fresh tree.  If you have a fresh tree, then you will more than likely need to put it up closer to Christmas as it can dry out (even if you water it everyday).  If it is an artificial tree, feel free to put it up as early as you want.

Statistically, most people put up their tree 1-3 days after Thanksgiving.  However, historically, the Christmas tree was put up on Christmas Eve.

I say start you own traditions or shock your neighbors one year put up your tree on October 28th!  How fun would that be?!


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