What is the Adorable Tree Box?

What is the Adorable Tree Box? Many have inquired as to what exactly is the Adorable Tree Box. The Adorable Tree Box is an all-in-one solution for decorating a small tree for the holidays!

Our Adorable Tree is great for small living quarters, children’s rooms, office desks, or for anyone who just does not want to fuss with a large tree! It’s also great for those of you who want a solution for putting up a simple, yet beautiful tree. Once the holidays are over, you can take everything down and put it right back in the box. The box is small enough to put in a closet or even slide under a bed.

adorabletoocuteToday we are going to take you step by step on decorating your Adorable Tree.

The Adorable Tree Box comes with everything in it to decorate your tree. It includes a pre-lit tabletop tree, six ornaments from our Adorable collection (hence the name Adorable Tree Box), a tree skirt boa, and a tree decorations “pick” pack.

Step 1: Order your Adorable Tree Box from the website (beginning next week!). Select your tree (green or white), six of our Adorable Ornaments (you can choose up to six colors), a tree-skirt boa (various color options) and the tree decorations “pick” pack (various color options).

Step 2: Once your box arrives and you are ready to set up your tree, remove the tree from the box, add the feet to the base of the tree, and then separate out the tree branches. Once completed, place your tree on a secure table or dresser. (Keep out of reach of children!)

Step 3: Remove the six Adorable ornaments from the boxes and randomly place them around the tree (the ornament hangers are included). If your tree is going to be up against a wall, place the ornaments to the front and sides of the tree.

Step 4: Remove your tree decoration picks from the box. Place them randomly in the branches around the tree. Next, use one or more of the tree decoration picks to make your tree topper. We normally use a few of the longer picks as our tree topper.

Step 5: Place your tree-skirt boa around the bottom of your tree.

Step 6: Plug in the tree lights and enjoy your beautiful Adorable Tree!

You have just learned how to decorate with the Adorable Tree Box. Yep – it’s that easy!

Additionally, we offer various themes that can be added to your Adorable Tree Box. Some of the themes we are offering this year: Paw Patrol, Frozen Princess, Minions, Sponge Bob, Princess, Ballerina, Dora the Explorer, Candy theme, Snowman, Penguins, Snow Mice, Cooking Utensils, Coffee Lover, Diva, Mardi Gras, Birds, Butterflies, plus many more!! (I will highlight a few themes in my next Blog!)

The Adorable Tree Box is now available for purchase on the website.   Be sure to sign up for email notifications and get exclusive access to special promotions!

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